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Kids and Sports: Should They Mix?

Kids and Sports: Should They Mix?

As a parent, you might at some point consider whether you should encourage your kids to get involved in sports. This can be an activity that will be part of their school life or indeed their social life outside of school. It all depends on the education that they receive. But is this the right option for your child and what benefits will it bring? In this post, we are going to look at the benefits and disadvantages of sports and how kids and sports mix. 

Benefits Of Kids And Sports

kids and sports

One of the main benefits of actively encouraging your kid to participate in sports is that it will boost their social development and help them grow as an individual. It can allow them to learn important lessons about being part of a team or in a group and how to work with other people. 

There’s also the health benefits. It’s true to say that childhood obesity is one of the major issues impacting society today. By encouraging your kids to get involved in sport at an early age, you can avoid this issue and keep them active. That’s important because it’s fair to say the way kids socialize has changed to the point where they won’t usually be active at all. Instead, they will be playing games and talking to their friends online. 

The final, often overlooked benefit, is that joining a sports team or playing a sport can be beneficial for kids when they are thinking's about college or higher education. For instance, when playing a sport, a child may receive a scholarship to a college, and this can avoid the crushing debt students often face. 

Disadvantages Of Sports

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One of the major disadvantages a parent should consider is whether sports are safe for their children. Most aren’t, and even seemingly safe sports can be tremendously dangerous.

For instance, you might consider allowing your child to learn horse riding which sounds like a great idea. Your kid may love it, and it is considered to be a prestigious activity. But did you know that horse riding is more dangerous than taking ecstasy?

Many parents find themselves with a child who has suffered a serious neck or back injury and using a site like to get the help they need. It’s certainly not the only sport that’s dangerous either. Both Rugby and American Football, popular sports for boys, can result in life-changing injuries. 

Even contactless sports can result in serious accidents, and this is something that you should be aware of as a parent. Though obviously, you can’t wrap your kid in cotton wool. You have to let them live their life. 


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If you are worried about the danger of sports or you find that your child just isn’t that into it, there are alternatives. You can consider the other social groups and activities that are available such as the drama club, glee or even just encouraging your kid to get involved in the community. You can learn more about encouraging your child to socialize on All these options provide the same benefits of sports without the potential danger. 

We hope you find this advice helpful and that it allows you to approach this question the right way. 

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