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How to Get a Good Nights Sleep for New Moms

How to Get a Good Nights Sleep for New Moms

When we become new moms, most of us prepare for sleepless nights and stress galore. We expect to wake up for night time feeds until well into our baby’s first year, and we stock up on sleep before the birth like it’s going out of fashion.

But, then, something strange happens. Four months in and your baby can sleep for up to six hours without disruption. They’re at their goal weight, and your midwife advises you leave them be. Suddenly, all that prep for disturbed nights comes crashing down. You can embrace sleep again with open arms. You’re one of those lucky parents!

There’s just one thing; you can’t sleep. You put your head down, happy in the knowledge that baby won’t stir for hours. But, as soon as you close your eyes, the anxieties start. You imagine all manner of things, from sudden infant death to blocked airways. Before you know, you’re hovering over their cot and depriving yourself of the rest you need.

This is bad news for a few reasons, most importantly because it compromises your ability to look after your little one the next day. Which is why we’re going to look at a few ways to cure that night time anxiety and finally get some sleep.

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Choose their room wisely

When selecting your little one’s room, choose carefully. If they’re three doors down and well out of hearing, is it any surprise you worry about them? If anything did happen, you wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t even hear them cry. Instead, select a room either opposite or next door to yours. If your walls are thin, you’ll even be able to hear them roll over. And, that’ll prove a vast source of comfort which could ease you to sleep.

Use a dual monitoring system

Few things are better than baby monitors for putting a mother’s mind at rest. You’ll want to invest in a standard video monitor. This will allow you to check your tyke from the comfort of your bed and can stop you from waking up altogether when you feel a flutter of panic. But, you might also want to invest in a smart baby monitor like the Owlet Smart Sock, which measures the vital signs your video monitor can’t detect. With both measures in place, there’s no reason for you to jump out of bed and lose any chance of sleep. You can lie back, secure in the knowledge that technology will let you know if anything happens.

Clear your mind of your child before bed

The idea of clearing your mind of your child might not appeal. But, if you want to fall asleep fast, this might be your only option. Thinking about your little one is likely your favorite thing. But, if you start those thoughts racing as you get into bed, sleep will never come. Instead, get into the habit of clearing your mind with something like meditation before sleep. Then, try to keep your mom-head at bay until morning.


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