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The donut grow-up birthday theme has become a popular trend in birthday parties for kids. Whether it’s a 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday party, donuts have been used as the main theme by many parents around the world. The idea of a donut grow-up banner came from a source unknown but has become an instant hit everywhere after being posted on Pinterest and other social media sites. So why is this theme so popular and what are some ways to make a birthday around this theme. We will discuss exactly that in this post! Be sure to scroll down to get a Free Printable “Donut Grow-up” Birthday Banner I created for you to enjoy.

Where did the Donut Grow Up Theme Come From?

The saying donut grow-up was first posted on an e-card site which is a popular site for sending birthday cards to loved ones on their birthdays or at any time of the year. It was posted in 2012 and has been shared a lot on Facebook and other social media sites.

Why do parents choose to use the donut grow-up birthday theme?

The donut grow-up theme is very simple yet effective. It’s easy to use and anyone can do it even if they are on a budget. Parents don’t have to spend too much on cakes, balloons or party favors because all you need is food for the guests and tableware essentials like paper plates, plastic forks, spoons, and cups.

The number of candles is placed on top of the birthday cakes with the same number of donuts in the same color. So if it’s the 3rd birthday, there will be three big donuts and three small donuts in green to match the tableware.

A lot of parents can also relate to this theme because everyone loves food, especially kids! They love cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and donuts so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I also believe the idea of their little one growing up can be a reality check for the parents. They will then start to cherish every moment they have with their kids because they really don’t want to see their little ones “grow up”.

Why do kids love the donut grow-up theme?

Kids love donuts! It’s a sweet treat they can eat and it is not as messy as cake so parents are happy too! They also enjoy playing with balloons that look good on the table. The best part of the donut grow-up theme is that kids get to eat as many donuts as they want because it’s a party and food is meant for everyone to enjoy!

How to make a donut grow-up-themed birthday party?

Start with a donut birthday invitation to get your guests in the mood for a donut-themed birthday party. Decorate your house, tables, and areas where activities will take place with your favorite colors and tons of colorful streamers. Make sure you have plenty of balloons that match or complement the color scheme too. Add some donuts to the centerpiece and decorate with candles.

If you have a donut birthday banner, it can be hung as your entranceway into the party area or house. Such as the one provided below.

Just like any other birthday party, organize games and activities that will entertain your guests. Preferably ones organized around your theme.

You can set up DIY stations and engage your little ones to do the crafts and activities (decorating donuts, coloring donut coloring pages, etc.). Have your guests bring some of their favorite donut recipes for everyone to taste.

If you have a lot of family and friends coming in from out of town, you can consider taking them on a tour around the city to see the sights with a tasting session at one or two donut shops in your area.

Everyone loves donuts especially when it’s free! Invite people to bring some donuts with them so you have more variety on the table and let everyone pick their favorite one!

Make sure you take a lot of photos and videos during the event for memories.

Free Donut Grow-up Birthday Banner

Use this free donut grow-up birthday banner for your party! Each letter of the saying “donut grow-up” is spelled out on a separate flag in a pink sprinkle donut. Click the image below to download (for personal use only).

The Donut Grow-up theme is a cute theme to share your child’s first, second or, third-birthday celebration. I hope these ideas and my free printable have helped to inspire some creativity and will help you throw a fun donut grow party for your child. Thanks for reading and Happy Celebrating!

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