Maximize Me Time Without Depriving Your Kids

Every mother agrees that time is a precious and rare commodity. When you have children, it can be challenging to make time for them without missing out on your other needs and duties. As much as we all love our children, we need to be realistic about our availability. Being a mother is a full-time role, but it shouldn’t take over your job, your social circles, or your essential me-time. Yet, for a lot of mothers, it can be impossible to juggle everything simultaneously. As a result, if you spend your time looking after your children, you need to make a conscious choice that will affect your career or your sense of self-worth. But if you choose to privilege your career; you can’t help but feel guilty about it. The truth is that no parent should have to choose between their passion, their job, and their child. 

It’s time for society to accept that mothers can be women who are successful in all areas of their lives, including the workplace. In fact, the pandemic has revived the need for family-friendly solutions that remove the challenge of juggling between me-time and mommy time. 

Flexible work arrangements

How can you balance work time and school runs without missing out? A lot of mothers believe that they have to give up on their careers to focus on their children. The post-pandemic recovery process needs to embrace the challenges of parents and offer solutions that can maintain business performance.

Flexible jobs are going to be popular in a post-pandemic world. Indeed, a lot of families have been growing during the health crisis. With a covid-related birth boom, it’s essential for businesses to embrace societal changes.

Flexible positions can offer plenty of time for school runs, childcare requirements, and other mother and child responsibilities. As mindsets are changing, families are now at the heart of employers’ objectives. Helping families remain in employment also supports the country’s economic recovery. 

Schedule your time with the kids

There is no secret. You can be a mother and have a career as long as you make your schedules work around the responsibilities. As strange as it might seem, separated parents find family and work schedules more manageable as they can use their custody rights to share responsibilities.

Indeed, take a look at this website to find more info about how custody rights can be shared fairly between both parents. Partners who live happily together need to emulate a similar time management routine with a strict calendar to establish a work/life balance. It can be a good idea to write a collective schedule so both parents can define work time, children time, and me time accordingly. 

Unsplash – CC0 License 

Work at a family-friendly company

Family-friendly companies are not a novelty. But they are not as frequent as one would want to see. However, we can expect post-pandemic workplaces to learn from businesses such as Patagonia.

Indeed, Patagonia has introduced onsite childcare in the 1980s and developed family-centered initiatives over the years. For parents, there are services available for children up until age 9, ensuring employees do not have to choose between career and family responsibilities. 

In a post-pandemic world where societies need to revive families and businesses to recover from the health crisis, there’s no room for mother-adverse attitudes. Empowering women to balance career and motherhood will help our society heal from the covid trauma. 

Published by Melissa Jiggetts

I am a graphic designer who enjoys using my skills to help busy moms and teachers such as myself.

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