How to Listen to Your Body

This may be hard to believe, but a lot of people out there – especially women – pay more attention to body image and physically accessorizing their figures, instead of listening to their body when it’s crying out for help. There is such a scam spun by the media about what a perfect body is, that essentially, their bodies are in their heads. The body is a temple. Every single cell in your body is communicating with you and each one of those cells knows exactly when you are tired, stressed, or unhappy. It’s clever. It supports you and when every function works in sync, you feel well and happy.

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When one function stops working in the way that it should, you know about it if you’re paying attention to the messages that your body is sending you. Awareness of what your body needs is so important and it’s not a surprise that those with low self-esteem find it hard to hear what their bodies are telling them. They can’t listen when things go wrong, because their bodies are betraying them in their mind. People will always tell you to listen to your body, but not many know what that means or how to do it. Below, we tell you exactly that.

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Journal. If you are writing down things about your body that you feel positive about, you’re going to notice when symptoms creep in that are like ringing alarm bells. There are some symptoms that occur mentally, such as stress. However, there are others like fatigue, weight gain, and issues with fertility that you should be paying attention to. Journaling these feelings can lead you to clinics like Denton Combs and getting a diagnosis for those symptoms can happen. Symptoms mean your body is talking to you – write it down.

Notice. When you go for a run and your lungs start to ache, your knees begin to hurt, and your heart rate goes too quickly, you would notice and slow yourself down straight away, right? Wrong. A lot of people out there believe that they can push past that type of stress on the body, and they can’t. learn to notice when your body is sending you warning signs and respond to those signs.

Meditate. Taking a quiet moment to sit and just be each day can really help with stress. You need no noise, no interruption, and just a minute or two to focus on your breathing and calming the rush between your ears. You can do this during Yoga, or even in the shower, where you can truly be alone for a moment.

Eat Mindfully. By paying attention to what you eat, you can ensure that you get the best of yourself. Intuitively listening to when you are hungry, thirsty, or full will mean you are able to look after your body better and not ignore your own signals.

Listening to your body’s voice doesn’t mean picking up the phone. It means putting it down and just quietly noticing what your body can and cannot do. Don’t be afraid to find out your limitations and say no to more strain.

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I am a graphic designer who enjoys using my skills to help busy moms and teachers such as myself.

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