Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids + FREE Printable

Snowman crafts are a popular tradition during the winter season. If you are looking for easy snowman craft ideas for your kids, you are in luck! You can make them out of all sorts of materials, including paper plates and coffee filters. The best thing about these crafts is that they are easy to make! In this article, I will show you how to create your own paper plate or coffee filter snowman. Don’t forget to scroll down to get your FREE Printable papercraft I created.

Make a Paper Plate Snowman

Paper plate snowmen are usually the easiest to make because the materials are often those you have in your own home.


1. Paper plates

2. Painting supplies (crayons, markers, or paint)

3. Scissors or craft knife

4. Glue or glue gun

5. Construction paper (optional)


1. Draw some snowman features, such as eyes, buttons, and a carrot nose onto a paper plate for the front of your snowman’s face using either crayons or markers (washable ones work best). You can also use paint but since you’re using a paper plate, that probably isn’t an option.

3. Cut out arm shapes from either your paper plate or you can use a colorful piece of construction paper.

4. Next cut some small circles from any leftover material for buttons. Glue them to the front of a second paper plate that will be the bottom half of your snowman in the center.

5. Cut a hat shape out of any colorful paper or material for the hat and glue it on top of the plate. 6. Glue the arms into place.

* You can add a scarf or hat to your snowman if you want, just use the same type of material for it as you did for your other decorations.

Make a Coffee Filter Snowman

Coffee filters are some of the easiest craft materials you can use to make a snowman. Plus, coffee filters are recyclable and inexpensive!


1. White Coffee Filters (medium size)

2. Scissors

3. String or yarn

4. Black construction paper

5. Colored construction paper

6. Glue


1. Choose a colored piece of construction paper as your background, like blue for instance. Then glue a coffee filter to the center of your paper.

2. Cut out two black circles for your eyes and glue them onto your snowman’s face (you can use construction paper or just draw them with a marker).

3. Cut out a smaller orange triangle shape for the snowman’s nose and glue it onto the face.

4. Cut out 5 small circles to make the snowman’s mouth and glue them in a smile on his face.

5. Cut out the shape of a hat with black construction paper and glue that to the top of his head. You are now finished!

Optional: You can also use construction paper to make a scarf and glue that to your snowman and draw snowflakes on your background.

Free Papercraft Snowman Craft

As a kid, I can remember how much I loved making a snowman. Coloring snowmen seemed to be just as exciting as making a real one. There is just something about the winter holidays and snowmen that get you in the holiday spirit.

So I added this snowman craft for you to download and enjoy with your family.

Simply color then cut out the pieces and glue them onto some construction paper. You can mix and match to make different snowmen.

Note: This craft is for personal use only and may not be recreated or sold. By downloading this item you agree to these terms.

Click the image below to download your snowman.

Snowmen are the perfect winter-time craft for kids and adults alike. They can be made out of paper plates, coffee filters, or even carrots! We’ve provided a few different snowman crafts that will help you turn your creativity into something beautiful to share with friends and family this holiday season. If you’re still craving more fun ideas, let us know about what type of project you’d like to tackle next time. From crafting cute felt animals to making adorable decorations from scratch, we’ll do our best to find just the right solution for your needs.

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I am a graphic designer who enjoys using my skills to help busy moms and teachers as myself.

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