15 Easy and Cheap Handmade Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a time of the year when people love to get creative with their costumes and decorations. With some creativity, you can make your house look spooky without spending much money at all! Here are 15 easy and cheap handmade Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank.

easy and cheap handmade halloween decorations

Use toilet paper rolls to create a spider web

I’m going to start by saying that you can use toilet paper rolls to create a spider web. I know you might be thinking, why the heck would I do that? The reason is that it’s a cheap and easy way to make your house look spooky!

All you have to do is create a frame from some wire or string and then decorate it with various sizes of cardboard squares. It’s just like making a snowman, just smaller. Cover the frame with black paper and then add spiders made from old toilet paper tubes. Hang them up throughout your web and don’t forget to add webs made out of tissue paper! They’ll give the perfect effect. Don’t worry too much about placing them in symmetrical spots, spiders can be unruly at times!

Cover your windows with white sheets and hang some fake spiders from the ceiling

Why would you ever want to cover your windows? It’s all about creating an effect. To start this project, buy some cheap white sheets that will allow the light to come through.

Next, attach them around your window frames using tape or thumbtacks. Then, find some old fake spiders and hang them up with some string! You could even try finding some real spiders if you want to step your game up. Everybody knows that the only way to make a spider look scary is by adding lots of eyes and sticking it in a web (just don’t scare the neighbors, it’s all good!).

Cut holes in old clothes, put them on a hanger, and place them around the house

Why not use the clothes that you’re going to throw out anyway? That’s right, I’m talking about those pants that your mom makes you keep for “just in case”. Next time you throw away some clothes, save them for this fun project.

All you have to do is cut out some shapes from the pants and place each one around your house. The most popular shape being the happy ghost! Then you just have to hang them up on your wall with thumbtacks or string. You can even turn this into a group activity with all your friends. Just one piece of advice, do not hang them up to high! Nobody wants a ghost coming down on their head when they least expect it.

Turn an old lamp into a spooky ghost by placing it inside of a white trash bag

How do you make something look spooky? Yes, by turning an old lamp into a ghost! All you need to do is take an old lamp and place it inside of a white trash bag. Then tie the top together and put some eye holes in the bag.

You can use safety pins or scissors to make these holes. Hang up your ghost with some string and if it needs height, place two nails on either side of where you want to hang it and attach string from both sides. That’s all there is to it- easy peasy!

Add some artificial flowers to make your house look eerier

It’s a great idea to add some fake flowers to your home. It’ll give it a sort of eerie effect. You can even buy some at the dollar store! All you have to do is paste them on your walls, doorways, and window entrances with some school glue or tape.

Just make sure that there isn’t too much as it might get a bit messy. If you want to add some color to your flowers, use black or orange paint! You can even create different types of flowers from various colors for an added effect.

Hang up some plastic skeletons from the ceiling or doorways for decoration

Who doesn’t love skeletons? Well, maybe some people can think of a reason but in my opinion, they’re just plain cool! You might have even seen them hanging from the ceiling at Halloween parties that you’ve been to before.

How do you make them though? It’s pretty simple actually. All you need are some plastic skeletons and clothespins. Just hang the skeleton up with clothespins and tape and you’re all set.

Create scary sounds by playing soundtracks from horror movies on speakers hidden throughout the house

You can create spooky sounds by playing movie soundtracks throughout your house. All you need to do is place speakers in different corners of the room and play some creepy music for an added effect.

You can even put them underneath couches and doors so that they’ll project the sound towards where people are standing at. Just make sure to keep them well hidden or else you might end up with guests wondering where the sound is coming from.

To make decorations last longer, spray them with hairspray

There’s nothing worse than having to redecorate your house every year because the old Halloween decorations have fallen apart! That’s why we suggest you spray them with some hairspray before putting them up.

You can even use this for Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other holiday event that you like to decorate for. The hairspray might make them look wet but it will help keep the decorations together for a long time. This is especially good if you’re making your own creations!

Bury plastic spiders in your front yard for a spooky surprise to trick-or-treaters!

Hiding spiders is one of the most favorite things for people to do during Halloween. You can find them pretty much everywhere including your front yard!

All you have to do is dig a hole, preferably where all the grass has died out already so it’ll be easier to cover up the holes afterward. Then place some plastic spiders in there and cover it up with dirt again. What makes this so great is that you won’t have to actually touch any of the spiders!

Use wire hangers to create hanging ghosts that dangle from the ceiling

All you need are some wire hangers and clothes to make your very own hanging ghosts. First, bend the wire hangers into an oval shape so that it starts to resemble a ghost.

Then take some clothes and cut them into strips or any other desired shape depending on what you want your final product to look like. Attach the pieces of cloth to the bottom of the hangers and voila! You now have your very own ghost decoration.

Create hanging bats made from black trash bags

Once again, all you need are some wire hangers, black trash bags (or any other color that might suit your needs), scissors, and tape. Take a wire hanger and bend it into the shape of a bat.

Then take the trash bag and cut it so that it’s big enough to cover up your hanger (you might need an extra person to help you). Attach the two pieces together by taping them on, then tape on some wings for decoration. You can even put little eyes on your bats if you want to.

Create spider webs using cotton balls and white glue

Here’s another great way to decorate your home at Halloween without having to spend too much money on it! All you need are some black trash bags, cotton balls, scissors, and white or clear glue. Take the black trash bag and cut out various sizes of circles from it.

It’s best if you use a trash bag that has printing on it because it’ll save you time and effort from having to cut out circles. Once you have your circles, cover them in glue and place cotton balls all over the inside of them (you can get even more creative by adding little eyes or mouths). Then place the circles around your house to create that spooky spider web effect.

Hang little lights from the bottom of plastic forks for a spooky chandelier effect

This is another great way to decorate your front yard without having to spend too much money! All you need are some forks, red and black electrical tape, and mini lights to make this happen! Take the forks and cut off the ends of them.

Then take some of your electrical tapes and wrap it around the middle part of a fork. Cut out shapes from the black tape to make a spooky spider web effect before adding some mini lights underneath it all to create a spooky chandelier!

Create spiderwebs using white glue, cotton balls, and black trash bags

Here’s another way to create those spooky spiderwebs without spending too much money. All you need is some white glue, black trash bags (or other colors), cotton balls, and tape to make this happen!

First, take your black trash bag and cut it into strips. Then spread the glue all over the place in a web-like pattern before covering it all with cotton balls. Once it’s dry, you can cut the spiderweb design out of the trash bag and tape it to your walls or front door!

Make fake tombstones by painting styrofoam bowls gray

Styrofoam is not only great for eating chips off of at a party, but you can also make tombstones out of them to make your yard look extra spooky! All you need are some styrofoam bowls (you can usually get these for cheap at the grocery store), black acrylic paint, and gray paint.

First, take your gray paint and cover up whatever design is left on your styrofoam bowl. Then take your black acrylic paint and write whatever you want to be written on your tombstones onto the bowl. Make sure it’ll be visible enough so that people walking by will read what you wrote!

Dangle toilet paper rolls from fishing wire to make hanging ghosts

You can also create hanging ghosts using some old clothes, fishing wire, and toilet paper rolls! All you need are some white clothes (like a sheet from an old bed), a fishing line and tape. Take your tape and wrap it around one of the ends of a toilet paper roll so that it’s securely fastened on.

Then take the other end of the roll and start draping it over the clothes, making sure that the toilet paper roll is hanging freely. Tie some fishing line around the waist of your ghost so that it won’t fall and you’ll create a spooky effect in your yard!

These are just some of our ideas on how to decorate your house for Halloween. Remember, these decorations are easy to set up and they won’t cost you too much money or time either! The best part is that after Halloween, you can reuse these decorations

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