What are Printables?

As a mother, my life revolves around a major component-time. I need time for my family, myself, my work, and to run my home. 

My time weighs heavily on how much of it I can organize, so I guess you can say another major component weighs heavily on how effectively my mind can organize my time. I guess that is why a lot of us mothers find ourselves losing not only our time but our minds, lol!

So, for me finding a way to better manage my time that allows me to manage my home was a no-brainer. See what I did there? hehe.

That is why printables became a big part of my life.

Although, I cannot take credit for the wonderful introduction of printables into my life (Thank you, Suzi!), I can tell you I was not going to let these little jewels stay neatly nestled all to myself. 

I knew If I, being a work-from-home mother, struggling to find the time to work, care for a family, entertain myself and my children, and take care of a home, then there had to be others struggling to do the same.

Thus, begin my journey to start Missy Printable Design.

So maybe you have stumbled to my page because you too have heard someone else talking about printables.

Maybe, your friend has told you how printables have changed their life. Or, maybe you see all the people claiming to make money with printables here and there and you are wondering what are printables and can you make money with them?

What are Printables? 

Now let’s say for some reason or another, for which there are many valid reasons, you do not know what a printable is. So just for the sake of those who do not let’s explain it a Lil bit.

A printable (or Print for short) is a digital product in the form of a PDF, JPEG, or PNG (or whatever format you get) that you acquire for free or purchase.

Then you can download and print it straight from your phone, computer, or tablet/iPad an unlimited amount of times(although sometimes this is not the case) for personal use(and sometimes commercial use is given).

what are printables

Printables come in different variations from graphics and coloring pages, to planners and calendars. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of printables that people often sell online.

  • Calendar Planners.
  • Project Planners (i.e. DIY home repair)
  • Meal Planners.
  • Financial Planners.
  • Diet and/or fitness planners.
  • Trackers (i.e. weight loss)
  • Coloring pages(for kids and adults)
  • Stickers (i.e. planner stickers)

Why Should I Use Printables? 

There are plenty of reasons why a person may choose to use printables. My top reasons for using printables are because a.) they help me manage my time, b.) help me entertain me and my family, c.) help me better run my household, and d.) they are very convenient. A few other reasons are that they are:

  • Easy. They are super easy because you simply print the file straight to your printer or use a printing service.
  • Fast. You can instantly download them to your computer, phone, or tablet/iPad.
  • Convenient. No need to wait days or weeks for the items to ship.
  • Cheap. Many printables come at very inexpensive prices.
  • Reusable. You can print the item you have downloaded as many times as you need.
  • No loss. Save the file to your computer and access it whenever you need it. However, if you lose your computer you may lose your file, hehe.
  • ‘Green’. Only print what you need so no wasted trees.

How Do Printables Help You Manage Your Time? 

 So now that you understand what are printables, or at least I hope I did a good enough job explaining them and why I started using them, let’s move on to the reason why you may want to use them to manage your time.

As I was discussing earlier, being a mom can be pretty hectic and relies heavily on time management. My poor old brain just isn’t what it used to be so relying on my brain to remember things like appointments, important dates, or even school meetings has just gotten much more difficult.

So, that is why I use my handy, dandy notebook!

I write it down, and tack it on the wall, lol. This gal isn’t putting it in a notebook to forget I wrote it down but to each his own. Not saying you got to do that but the point is boy, do planners come in handy.

How Do Printables Help You Entertain Your Family? 

Do you ever try to have a dinner party with a bunch of grown folks all while entertaining a house full of kids? I tell you, buddy, it ain’t gonna happen. Whip out a bunch of coloring pages on the other hand and boy them kids can go to town.

The same thing with a road trip, the kids will ask you a million questions but pack a goodie bag with healthy snacks, some sweets, some games, and printable coloring pages, and it is a whole different trip. 

My daughter and I love, and I mean love, to sit around on evenings coloring together, We have so many coloring pages – notebooks full. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to printables and a family.

Tips to find the best Printable

One of the best things about printables is – they are easy to find. I mean all you have to do is type printable in the search bar and you will find thousands of printables to choose from. 

However, like all products, when searching for the printable that is best for you there are a few things you want to look at before making a final decision.

  1. Be willing to test different printables out
  2. Remember you have to use the items to benefit from them
  3. Choose the right size and layout to fit your needs
  4. Choose a style that works for you
  5. When picking a planner be sure to look for any extras you may need

If you are looking for a binder planner be sure to pick the right preferences.

If you are unsure, ask questions before you make your final decision.

Common Questions/FAQ About Printables 

  • Can you make money with Printables?
    • One of the easiest ways to make money with a blog is by providing your own products that you can sell. A printable is one of the easiest items to sell on your blog because then your customers can download them digitally and you do not have to worry about shipping. There are many other ways to sell printables as well from Etsy, to Shopify, and KDP. So yes, you can make money selling printables.
  • How do you create Printables?
    • There are many different software programs available that allow you to make printables. One of the easiest and most preferred programs is Canva. However, if you are looking for a more advanced way to make printables, a lot of designers use PowerPoint. I myself go between the two. You can find templates online for both programs as well as many tutorials to help you.
      • Where can I sell Printables online?
        • You can sell printables on your own blog or Shopify. For those who have less experience with SEO and gaining things like organic traffic, or do not want to invest time in advertising, you can sell your printables on Etsy.

      The Last Thing You Need to Know about Printables

      Printables are more than just digital products. They can provide the user with fast, easy, convenient products that can be used as many times as needed. 

      There are many products to choose from and many different products to make. 

      If you are looking to buy a printable or even looking to make them yourself, I hope this post has given you a little more insight into the power of printables. 

      Published by Melissa Jiggetts

      I am a graphic designer who enjoys using my skills to help busy moms and teachers as myself.

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